• The game VIKINGS is 5-reel 21-line video slot with large number of winning combinations, internal Jackpot and safe two-level bonus game BOARD. The number of play lines is from 1 to 21. Bet on line is from 1 to 100. Win can be increased in double up mode (Risk game).

  • Pay table

    All winning combinations are counted from left to right on active play lines. Idol symbol on 2, 3 and 4 reels is Joker and substitutes all symbols on its reel and Mill symbol is on its position. Joker doesn't substitute Board symbol. 3 or more Mill symbols at any position give you the SCATTER winning.

  • Bonus game SHIELDS

    If  three Shield symbols on any position of the 3rd, 4th and 5th reels are dropped out, lossless bonus game starts. Choose any of three shields. Winning that appears in this case you can take out or try to increase it choosing other shield. In this case previous winning is cancelled. If under the shields SUPER BONUS inscription is appeared, second level of bonus game starts.

  • Super Bonus

    Each of five lines is closed by shields. They hide treasures. The game starts from the first line. You have got only one attempt to guess where more treasures are. First line hides Idol symbol, which opens all shields of the line and you get all the treasures of the first line. If you find Scull symbol, the game comes to an end. All winnings in Bonus game are summarized.

  • Risk (winning double up)

    Guess the HIGHER card than the DEALER's card and your win is doubled. If you are in luck's way, you can continue the game in double up mode until the winning will be equal to 200 bets. If the DEALER`s card is open and it seems too high to you, you can always take your winning out. If you lost, all your winning is canceled.