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MultiJet10A (Olympus10A) Game Rules – player activity;  rules and details for each game, real calculation of winning combinations, tables of winning combinations, bonus games and doublin​g games, jackpot requirements. Download

Instruction to the MultiJet10A (Olympus10A) program - maintenance instruction, administrator and gaming machine owner menu description, possible settings, contact pin assignment, name of buttons. Download

Instruction to the MultiMagic (Olympus10B)  Download

Instruction to the MultiGame20  Download

Instruction to the StarGame Download

Socket circuit. You can also find it in the instruction. There are sockets for 72 and 20 pins on our platform, similar to other producers. KB: 8X-keyboard and expanded keyboard. Using 8X-keyboard, some options of the platform will be unable to access. Download

Remote updating

New program versions are implemented in cases of adding new options by the demand of the clients and in case of field fixes. Chameleon platform allow you upgrade Customizing via USB. For upgrade Customizing:

1  .  Computer or laptop (You can update without removing the board from the gaming machine) with OS Windows.

2  .  Download File with ChameleonFirmwareUpdate program and drivers.

3  .  Download last version of update file (*.bin).

Follow according to the program instruction.

Program for updating (download)