Chameleon is a new platform with dual monitor connection. It is specifically designed for main kinds of video slot games. Two powerful processors with large RAM and STM. Video slot games with fine-line graphics and animation sound effects. Small dimensions and low power consumption and high reliability and noise immunity at the same time – the main key features of the platform.

The separate attention is paid to owners of gaming platform advocacy. Many problems of corrupt practice by technicians and various kinds of fraud were solved by expand statistics gathering technology and security facilities. Besides, platform allows to control unauthorized activities by help staff, such as, open and close service doors of gaming machines and payment box, slot machine cycle power. It is also impossible to replace original version with modified one by replacement of microcircuit, as it happens with boards of some producers. Nonvolatile RAM allows to restore defaults at full standby power supply. "Rent mode" option will protect the board owner from unfair lessees. And remote renewal of lease allow to save considerable amount of time. There is useful option of program updating via USB port that allows the owner to update the software independently, without removing a board from the equipment.

All necessary peripheral connection is possible: coin and bill acceptor, hoppers and Touch Screen monitors.

There is gaming machine communications by Slot Accounting System (SAS) protocol on the Chameleon platform.

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