• 100-DECK POKER Game is classical poker with two paid deals of cards and accumulative mini-bonus. In this version of poker you can play on big number of decks - from 10 to 100 at the same time. Each deck has 53 cards (with one JOKER). Bet on deal is from 1 to 50. Win can be increased in double up mode (Risk game).


    Mini bonus is an accumulative winning. If the combination of JACKS or BETTER (2 cards from Jack and higher) bet`s value per each deck with such combination is added to MINI BONUS value. If in Mini Bonus value the sum equal from 1000 to 1400 bets is collected in a casual manner, the winning of 1000 bets is paid out.

  • Risk (winning double up)

    Guess the HIGHER card than the DEALER's card and your win is doubled. If you are in luck's way, you can continue the game in double up mode until the winning will be equal to 200 bets. If you lost, all your winning is canceled.