Chameleon-Game company offer you a game board for slot machines.  It is multigame MultiJet10A (Olympus10A).

The multigame includes ten games: eight reel video slots and two classical pokers.

The product is presented on the new Chameleon platform.

Main advantages:

- animated graphic and accompanying sound

- dynamic game and fascinating bonuses

- different risk options, autogame

- free game option in demo mode

- adjustment payout percentage in slot games, pokers, in risk mode

- rent mode. Remote extension of rent period

- various number of lines (5,9,15,21)

- setting of maximum number of lines for the game (21, 15, 9)

- internal and external Jackpots

- full games statistics

- concurrent connections of two monitors

- graphics resolution 800*600, mono / stereo sound

- remote software upgrade via USB port

- peripheral connection: coin acceptor, bill acceptor, hopper, Touch Screen

- SAS protoсol

Very reasonable price

The program can be adapted according to the country legislation, and also can be updated under the demands of wholesaler.

At the present time our company is creating another software for gaming machines. We can make it according to individual specifications as well.

The Chameleon platforms includes also the following popular games: StarGame20, MultiGame20, MultiMagic (Olympus10B)